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¡Esto es Half Rest! Tras una larga guerra, eres el último de los defensores del país del sonido. Tu bando consiguó apresar al General S.Blanca, pero el ejército de los silencios se dispone a rescatar a su líder asediando tu fortaleza. ¿Serás capaz de acabar con ellos al ritmo de la música? 

This is Half Rest! After a long war, you are the last of the defenders of the Sound country.  Your side managed to capture S.Blanca General, but the silence army is preparing to rescue their leader by laying siege to your fortress. Will you be able to defeat them to the rythm of the music?

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Install instructions

How to play

This is an Amstrad CPC 464 videogame. You can play it in a real CPC 464/6128 computer or using an emulator. We recommend RVM for the second case. 

Instructions for RVM:

Disk instructions:

1. Download the DSK file.

2. Open RVM, select or create a CPC6128 as a machine.

3. Press the disc icon  and click in the button to insert the dsk file.

4. Type run"HALFREST and press ENTER.

5. The game will load in few seconds. 

Tape instructions:

1. Download the CDT file.

2. Open RVM, select or create a CPC464 as a machine.

3. Press the tape icon and press the STOP button to insert tape file.

4. Select the HalfRest.cdt file and click Open.

5. Type run" and press ENTER twice.

6. The game will load, you can press the warp button or wait some minutes.


To play Half Rest,

 you use the O key to attatck to the left                 and the P key to attack to the right            

To play an Extreme Mode, you can press the E Key to activate or deactivate. Here you get double points!

You can press ESC any time to come back to the main menu.

Authors and licenses

This game was made by panetonent   

  • Jorge Reig Valera
  • Sergio Miedes García
  • Carlos Izquierdo López

You can contact us in panetonent@gmail.com

The source code used for the game has a GPL v3 license.


According to the CPC Retrodev rules, we included a gesture to the game Larcena's Legacy. If you press L key in the main menu, you will enable a mode where the enemies change their spirit to a card when they die.


HalfRest.cdt 32 kB
HalfRest.dsk 199 kB
HalfRest.sna 64 kB
Instructions Manual.pdf 304 kB
CodeSource & License.zip 251 kB


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Nice game!

Enemies are cool, and big sprites. Also a lot of songs, good job!!

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed!

Hola, en el fichero Half_Rest.dsk, teneis que renombrar el archivo "Half_Rest.bin" a "HalfRest.bin", es decir hay que quitar el guion bajo, sino da un error de Bad Command en CPC6128 al ejecutar el archivo.

Hola! Muchas gracias! Lo tenemos solucionado pero estamos ajustando un par de cosas, en cuanto esté subido de nuevo te avisamos!

Hola! Ya hemos solucionado el problema y tienes una nueva version subida con 3 niveles jugables. 

Deleted 24 days ago

Gracias :)